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SEE? I told you.But you did'nt believe me did you?

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Welcome to the one and only Big Sky Camera Website with me, Kenny G (not the silly sax playing dude)

As I build this site you will see lots of fun stuff happen. We want to have music, and videos, and videos of me racing the yet to be SPONSERED 1981 Big Sky Camera.com Wolfsburg addition Super Wolf Jetta. , and of course pictures.

An AWESOME store is now in the works

where you will be able to buy really cool stuff unique to Montana. Maybe, just maybe even some autographed pictures of yours truly posing with the Super Wolf Jetta. Holding trophies no doubt.(wink, wink)

Heck, who knows what else we will be doing here so hop on board and come along for what I hope will be one hum dinger of a fun ride. Oh, and we will be using dumb words like hum dinger as often as possible as well. So there.

ARE YOU READY FOR SHENANIGANS? Oh, there will be plenty of those. !!!!


The bumper sticker says "Get lost in Montana". Ahhh, maybe not the best idea, eh?




as you rascals is abouts tas find outs... is


The Fastest dern Rootenist Tootenest High Falutenest here Camera Shootenist Ombre this side of the Pecos

So, where is Big Sky Camera, and, where is Big Sky Country you ask? Well, shes nestled below a shining bright white Moon and

beneath the Big Blue Sky all the while shes perched atop the Super Caldera that begins under Yellowstone, protecting the world from it's horors. We natives like to call it..."Planet Killer", or, just Ralph, (see map)

Thats Right! When Yellowstone BLOWS... We die like Men! (crying like lil babies and pooping our pants) And Big Sky Camera is, and will be, there, right in the middle of it all takin pictures until we can take pictures no more


I took this picture of the Moon during the daytime. Check out those craters.

Here is a slightly revised map
of the US showing Montana's location and
some areas we could stand to lose.


Heres a model I did with some special FX. Yes. We are going to have a model section and you can join in the fun


If this Super Volcano blows, well, just kiss your bum bye bye.


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